Setting Up
CRM System


You have a desire to increase your sales, but you do not know which CRM system you need?

- We will not only increase sales, but also reduce the cost of the transaction and with a significant speed turn the potential into a real client.
- Just know what your top sales managers are loaded with?
- Be aware of why you lose a client.
- Celebrate the sales plan with high accuracy.

Then you definitely need a CRM system that will help you with customer, sales and deals. ABDS Design Studio is an officially certified partner of amoCRM. CRM system, which is precisely designed only for your job for sales departments. We will offer you the optimal functionality that you will use. Only the necessary options for your convenience are confirmed by more than 15,000 users. You will have an intuitive and simple interface that is easy to integrate into your CRM system with any services known to you, such as: mail, telephony, website, social networking, and analytics. You will be able to individually adapt the system "for you": to adapt and expand the fields necessary for you in the sales funnel, to change their places.

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